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100 Greatest Hacking Tools! (Link)

100 Greatest Hacking Tools!

I thought I would share this handy guide from the EFYTimes for some of the best, most popular and widely used hacking security tools. They have gathered together a list of 100 security tools and broken them down into different categories, so you can easily find the correct tool for the job. Conveniently they have also linked to each tool, so downloading them should be a breeze.

One of the tools they have on their list is the Metasploit Framework, which you can read about here a very user-friendly security tool for exploiting security holes in software without too much effort. They also have a range of password crackers, wireless crackers plus many more categories to keep even the most committed of you busy for a while. Whatever tool you decide to play about with, have fun with it, but most importantly don’t go getting yourself in trouble by carelessly breaking the law.

I haven’t forgotten about my series on Mobile IPv6, part 2 will be up in the next few weeks. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, then you can here.

100 Greatest Hacking Tools! – EFYTimes

100 Greatest Hacking Tools!