Trusted Assistant

One of the best things about working from home is having the dog as a trusted assistant.

Sure he knows nothing about cyber security, refuses to make me tea, jumps on my laptop demanding attention, makes me jump by suddenly barking at the quietest of noises while simultaneously deafening me with his barking.

And yes he demands constant belly rubs and takes up most of my lunch time by making me take him for a walk, also I’m pretty sure he gets bored when I start talking to him about how it was the Honda engines that led to McLarens poor performance in last seasons F1, but 2018 will definitely be a better year for them. Or that crypto currency is probably in a bubble, but its still got a long future ahead of it.

That’s fine he doesn’t really know much about F1 or Bitcoin anyway at least he humours me by pretending to be interested, despite all this I don’t know what I would do without him…..oh wait, yeah I do know what I would do without him….Work! That’s what!